19. System thinking: future proofing our energy system.

In this episode,  we are joined by Myrtle Dawes, NZTC Solution Centre Director, to discuss a system thinking approach to tackle sustainability challenges. It is widely recognised that the energy industry must take the lead in reducing emissions, but what role do individuals have to play in facilitating sustainability transition?  Could wireless energy transfer be an answer to emerging infrastructure needs? And what are the prospects of achieving net zero by 2050?   Listen as we discuss these questions and more!

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Driven by our commitment to achieving net zero and the need for a more sustainable future, the world’s energy systems are undergoing a rapid transformation.Transition Talks covers a wide range of topics; from regulation and policy development to key technology that can enable decarbonisation and help drive net zero. Join our host, Head of External Relations Stephen Sheal, who will be joined by leading industry experts.