10. Transition Talks – Pawprint: Empowering employees to fight climate change at work, home and beyond

We’re proud to support and encourage the use of Pawprint within our organisation, an app that has been helping our people measure, track and reduce our carbon footprint. Christian Arno, CEO and founder of Pawprint joins Stephen Sheal and Sakshi Sircar of the Net Zero Technology Centre to explore the story, ambition and future on how we can all start to make a difference as individuals in the fight against climate change.

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Driven by our commitment to achieving net zero and the need for a more sustainable future, the world’s energy systems are undergoing a rapid transformation.Transition Talks covers a wide range of topics; from regulation and policy development to key technology that can enable decarbonisation and help drive net zero. Join our host, Head of External Relations Stephen Sheal, who will be joined by leading industry experts.