Episode 1 - 'Welcome to Season 3!'

Today host Paul Ramondetta returns for season 3 and is joined by guests Joel Cilia and Luke Gilbert for the first episode of season 3. They start the new season with some classic question like 'Any new shoes since Season 2' or 'How many pairs do you own now' (1:30),we jump right into Luke's Stash (9:09), the guys discuss their thoughts on the 2019 NBA Christmas day game sneaker (16:40),Paul and Luke try and convince Joel to like more an Jordan's in Joel's seal of approval (29:40) and we get the return of the beloved segment of Rate, Hate and Debate (39:10).

Om Podcasten

Sneaker enthusiast Paul Ramondetta hosts a podcast about shoes and his affinity for them. With various guests on each episode, they discuss topics such as new releases, where to wear them, why we don't buy, influences on purchasing, the care of shoes and more. This is done without all the technical terminology and only as old blokes can. It's a casual chat about shoes and their experiences, like sitting around talking shoes with your mates.