S6 E9: How to Safely Push the Boundaries with Canning with Angi Schneider

When it comes to the art of canning, many times it's best to do things by the book. However, as my guest today will explain, there are still opportunities to push the boundaries and get creative. In today's episode I'm joined by my friend Angi Schneider, an author and food preservation specialist who is an expert canner. Together we discuss some of the biggest myths about canning, why salt and sugar aren't necessary, the truth about acid, and so much more. Most important, Angi and I also cover the things you should NEVER do when canning. Whether you've been canning for years or you're just starting up, this episode provides a wealth of information to ensure your safety when preserving your favorite foods.Connect with Angi below:- Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables - schneiderpeeps.com/book - Pressure Canning for Beginners and Beyond - schneiderpeeps.com/books - Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe - https://www.schneiderpeeps.com/canning-black-bean-and-corn-salsa/ - Canning your own soup mix - https://www.schneiderpeeps.com/safely-canning-soup-at-home-for-preparedness-and-convenience/This episode is brought to you by Redmond’s Real Salt, which is the #1 salt I use in all my homesteading cooking, canning, and fermentation. I have learned over the years that not all salt is created equal and having the good stuff really does make a difference in your culinary adventures. Redmond’s is the only salt mined in the good ol’ US of A. I love that it’s mined using sustainable practices AND contains 60+ trace minerals that not only make it incredibly good for you, but it tastes better too. Since I can’t grow salt myself (obviously) Right now, Redmond's is offering 15% off your entire order just for my podcast listeners. Head over to theprairiehomestead.com/SALT and use the code HOMESTEAD to snag your discount.- Design your dream homestead with my FREE handbook— grab it here: http://theprairiehomestead.com/layout- Head to http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/grow to get complimentary access to my best homestead resources.- Get more in-depth homestead info, printable recipes, and tutorials and more on my blog at www.theprairiehomestead.com- Get Old-Fashioned on Purpose hats & shirts at www.homesteadswag.com- Follow Jill on YouTube: http://youtube.com/theprairiehomestead- Follow Jill on Instagram: http://instagram.com/theprairiehomestead

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