To My Fellow Enneagram Sixes (and anyone else who thinks they are destined to live a life marked by fear)

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Avsnittet publicerades: 9/6/2019


I’m an Enneagram Type Six, which means I’m trustworthy, hard working, and resilient.

But the only trait that seems to stick in anyone’s mind about us Sixes is our tendency to fear and be anxious.

I love being a Six. I didn’t always love it. But then I had a revelation regarding fear that unearthed the gold of who I really am.

If you’re a Six…or, if the Enneagram means absolutely nothing to you, but you’ve struggled with crippling fear (anxiety, panic, worry), the letter is for you.

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Stepping away from trying to live a perfect life and learning to live in perfect peace. Savoring this season #onhavenhill.