Taiwan’s Space Startups are Creating a Global Sandbox for Low-Earth Orbit

On this episode of On Orbit, we are joined by the second of our two Startup Space 2021 entrepreneur pitch event winners, TMY Technologies (TMYTek) Co-Founder and Vice President Ethan Lin. TMYTek is a millimeter-wave total solution and ground systems provider based in Taiwan. Lin and his team at TMYTek are dedicated to solving millimeter-wave challenges in the 5G era. The company incorporates phased array technology with what it calls its advanced “antenna-in-package” technology.  Lin leads TMYTek’s software technology and marketing teams and helps the company raise funding. A self-described serial entrepreneur who has founded three companies over the past 13 years, he previously worked for the smartphone maker HTC and collaborated with Microsoft and Qualcomm in developing software and wireless communication. In his first job out of college, he built the world's largest infrared telescope for CFHT in Hawaii. On Orbit host Jeffrey Hill interviews Lin about his efforts in building tech for an interlinked 5G and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) world, the company’s use of modular design for its products and why modular-based space technologies are attracting investors, and the role that Taiwan plays and could play in the future global space market. 

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