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Why Rejection Hurts and 6 Ways to Gracefully Deal With it

av On Purpose with Jay Shetty | Publicerades 7/12/2019

Rejection is probably one of the worst feelings you could ever have, it honestly feels like a punch in the stomach. Regardless of how successful someone seems, we’ve all experienced it at some point or another in our lives.
Whether it’s in the workplace or in our personal lives, it never feels good and we don’t always know the best way to handle it. In this week's episode, I did the research and share 6 ways you can start to gracefully deal with rejection in any situation.
I show you what I call the rule of 100, why you shouldn’t be seeking revenge and how you can turn rejection into redirection. This is an important skill we should all learn how to master so make sure you listen carefully and take notes!
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