021: To The People III

MJ, Chadd, and Sean are back with the third To The People, and they've got some extra strange sources: r/writingprompts, r/cormacmccarthy, and r/donnysdaddidntdieinthatmine. Other topics include Captain Kirk's insatiable bloodlust, the occasional poetry of the Rohirrim, and The Rumor Come Out: Does Is Bruno Mars Gay? If you've got an embarrassing writing question, by yourself of Donny, feel free to join our discord and ask it of it. https://linktr.ee/onriting

Om Podcasten

Three writers—a recovering academic, a writing professional, and a megaconsumer—take on Riting Communities, those online communities full of writers and terrible advice. Along the way (be warned, dear listener) there will be jokes, as well as some de minimis amount of Actual Writing Advice. Updates every other Wednesday.