023: Doctrine of Acts

Hi campers, MJ, Chadd, and Sean are back with Act Structure and more blown-out microphones than you can shake a manuscript at. Other topics include a LOT of 90's nostalgia, Sean having a meltdown over Canterbury Tales, the act structure of medical procedures, a literary case for baseball, and the WWE implications of the second act. We also talk a lot about J. Campbell, if that Hero's Journey shit is right for you. Follow us on our socials here: https://linktr.ee/onriting

Om Podcasten

Three writers—a recovering academic, a writing professional, and a megaconsumer—take on Riting Communities, those online communities full of writers and terrible advice. Along the way (be warned, dear listener) there will be jokes, as well as some de minimis amount of Actual Writing Advice. Updates every other Wednesday.