031: NaNoWriMo Week 1: Rose and GREAM69

In this special episode, Chadd and Sean [no MJ :(] go over their NaNoWriMo progress, outlining where they are, where they thought they'd be, and the scope of their work, as well are core themes and notes they're working from. Other topics include... mostly just that. It's really easy to get carried away when talking about your own shit, but I promise there are jokes and practice points in there too. https://linktr.ee/onriting is the place where you can follow us, as well as get input on your WIPs. 

Om Podcasten

Three writers—a recovering academic, a writing professional, and a megaconsumer—take on Riting Communities, those online communities full of writers and terrible advice. Along the way (be warned, dear listener) there will be jokes, as well as some de minimis amount of Actual Writing Advice. Updates every other Wednesday.