51. Sebastien Silvestri: The Next Era In Fine Dining

Opening a successful restaurant in New York City is no easy feat, yet famed chef Daniel Boulud has managed to successfully open multiple restaurants in the city and around the world in places like Singapore, London, and Toronto. So how does one man do it all? The answer is The Dinex Group, chef Daniel Boulud's restaurant group — the machine that powers his concepts such as Daniel, Bar Boulud, Le Pavillon, and the newly announced Le Gratin. Our next guest is Sebastien Silvestri, CEO of The Dinex Group, who along with chef Daniel Boulud has quickly grown the group into an empire of restaurants.  As a veteran in the business of hospitality, Sebastien honestly shares what it was like facing the pandemic as the new CEO, his joy of working with his mentor and friend, the harsh realities of a restaurateur in the ever competitive landscape, and how he’s helping shape the next era in fine dining for The Dinex Group.   For more info on The Dinex Group: https://www.danielboulud.com     Follow Sebastien on Instagram: https://bit.ly/38vwZcg     For more info on The Art of Plating: https://bit.ly/3kEvQ6r     Sign up for our Newsletter: https://bit.ly/2TrNfEg     Follow The Art of Plating:  https://bit.ly/3isPJLa     Follow On The Pass: https://bit.ly/3BpHckD     Follow our Host, Gabriel Ornelas: https://bit.ly/3hTpONC     Ask about our creative agency, FARE: https://madebyfare.com

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