Okay Computer Preview: Discord in the Discords with Adam Bain

On this episode of Okay, Computer. Dan, Katie, and Packy are joined by Adam Bain, co-founder of 01 Advisors and former Twitter COO, and discuss Katie and Adam’s time working together at Twitter (2:59), his biggest 2022 prediction (12:35), web3 (16:40), whether Adam is going to outer space (20:35), NFTs and gaming (34:00), and Katie’s views on climate tech (47:05).  Later, Okay, Computer. contributor Cleo Abram drops by with a Huge announcement.  ---- Email us at contact@riskreversal.com with any feedback, suggestions, or questions for us to answer on the pod and follow us @OkayComputerPod. Follow us on Instagram @RiskReversalMedia Subscribe to our YouTube page

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