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Where Are Beyoncé's Twins? (The Pink Popcast #60)

av The Pink Popcast | Publicerades 9/1/2020

Okay Beyonce let's get information. It's been three years since they were born and we still know little-to-nothing about Rumi and Sir. WHERE ARE BEYONCE'S TWINS? Benji thinks he deserves to know more, Rizzo thinks actors don't owe us anything. Who do you agree with? And which celebrity do YOU think has been withholding from their fans? Should we debate them? Let us know! #Beyonce #BeyonceTwins #RumiandSir ▶VISIT OUR WEBSITE ▶FOLLOW THE PODCAST Instagram: @PinkPopcast Twitter: @PinkPopcast Facebook: ▶FOLLOW RIZZO Instagram: @JosiahJRizzo Twitter: @PinkPopcast ▶FOLLOW BENJI Instagram: @Benjwatch 🎵LISTEN TO US ON Apple: Soundcloud: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Play: Google Podcasts: ▶NEW EPISODE EVERY MONDAY!

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