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Willy Wonka vs. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Original vs. Remake)

av The Pink Popcast | Publicerades 5/27/2020

This week we cash in our Golden Tickets and visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory to compare two of our favorite films. Do you prefer the 1971 classic? Or Tim Burton's 2005 remake? #WillyWonka #Classic #Remake Yes, the danger must be growing For the rowers keep on rowing And they’re certainly not showing Any signs that they are slowing ▶VISIT OUR WEBSITE ▶EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ON PATREON ▶FOLLOW THE PODCAST Instagram: @PinkPopcast Twitter: @PinkPopcast Facebook: ▶FOLLOW RIZZO Instagram: @JosiahJRizzo Twitter: @PinkPopcast ▶FOLLOW BENJI Instagram: @Benjwatch 🎵LISTEN TO US ON Apple: Soundcloud: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Play: Google Podcasts: ▶NEW EPISODE EVERY WEDNESDAY!

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