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Anthony Aragues on Data Visualisation

av OpenHive.JS | Publicerades 11/11/2020

In this episode of OpenHive.JS, we welcome Anthony Aragues, author of Visualising Streaming Data, to discuss the value of data visualisation within the context of modern technology and innovation. Drawing from his experience in developing applications for the analysis and presentation of data, Anthony tells us about the art of making data intuitive and the tools and libraries used to do so. Welcome back to OpenHive.JS. Some of the tools referenced in this conversation include: Create React app: Create boilerplate React applications ANTD: UI Framework Tool ANTV: Visualisation ANTV G6: Graph visualization library Cytoscape: Data Visualisation AlaSql: Push data to in memory javascript tables and query them Papaparse: CSV Parser, data conversion Redis Mongo MQTT

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