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865: When Should You Self-Insure? by Darrow Kirkpatrick of Can I Retire Yet on Saving Money on Insurance - Optimal Finance Daily

Avsnittet publicerades: 6/21/2019

Darrow Kirkpatrick of Can I Retire Yet shares when you should self-insure. Episode 865: When Should You Self-Insure? by Darrow Kirkpatrick of Can I Retire Yet on Saving Money on Insurance Darrow Kirkpatrick is the founder of CanIRetireYet.com. He began serious investing in his mid-30s and retired at age 50. He's not a dot com millionaire and didn't become financially independent by flipping real estate or trading hot stocks. He did it the traditional way: hard work, frugality, prudent investing, and patience. When it comes to personal finance, his top priorities are simplicity, reliability, and safety. Now his mission is to help others become financially independent as he did. More recently, Chris Mamula has been managing the blog and he's a frequent writer on the site. Chris used principles of traditional retirement planning, combined with creative lifestyle design, to retire from a career as a physical therapist at age 41. After poor experiences with the financial industry early in his professional life, he educated himself on investing and tax planning. Now he draws on his experience to write about wealth building, DIY investing, financial planning, early retirement, and lifestyle design. The original post is located here: https://www.caniretireyet.com/when-should-you-self-insure/ Please Rate & Review the Show! Visit Me Online at OLDPodcast.com & in The O.L.D. Podcasts Facebook Group! and Join the Ol' Family to get your Free Gifts CLEAR is the absolute BEST way to get through airport security. It works great with Pre-Check too! Right now, listeners of my show can get their first two months of CLEAR for FREE. Go to ClearMe.com/finance and use code Finance.

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