Evolution of THE Diet Doctor | Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

I’ve been super excited to see the change in direction recently at Diet Doctor.  CEO Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, with some inspiration from Dr Ted Naiman, has led his team to help members tailor their nutritional guidance to consider satiety and protein leverage for fat loss (if that is their goal). It was fun to chat with Andreas about his recent learnings, research and his n=1 experience.  We got to discuss a wide range of topics, including: Why did you decide to dive into a more protein-focused approach (rather than low carb or high fat)? What did you experience as you have focused on a higher % protein diet?  How did your body composition and lab results change? What surprised you the most from your recent research? Why isn’t protein leverage more central to our understanding of nutrition? Why has there been so much confusion about low carb vs high fat vs adequate protein? What role do you see for nutrient leverage, as opposed to just protein leverage? How can we dial in macros without swinging to extremes? How has the Diet Doctor community received the change in focus? Why is there so much confusion about the role of insulin? Are you concerned about ‘excess protein’?  How much is too much?  How do people find the balance that is right for them? Are you concerned about the role of protein activating mTOR, aging and cancer? What are you most excited about for the future of nutrition? Other than diet, what else do you do to manage your health? Where do you see the keto movement heading in the future?  Links Optimising Nutrition Data-Driven Fasting Nutrient Optimiser Optimising Nutrition Podcast Follow Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Pinterest Products Big Fat Keto Lies (Book) NutriBooster Recipe Books  Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge  Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass Groups NutriBooster Recipes Optimising Nutrition  Data-Driven Fasting Nutrient Optimiser

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