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Ep 1 - Donaghue V Stevenson - Ice Cream, Ginger Beer & Decomposing Snails

In the first episode of the series, Stephen and Rich look back at a case from the 1930s, which laid the foundations for the compensation culture when Mrs Donaghue found a snail in her ice-cream float! I don't know about you, but these days I'd ask for a refund! 

Om Podcasten

Order in the Bedroom is a podcast from comedian and TV presenter, Stephen Bailey and his partner & real life boyfriend Rich. Just like you, Stephen is a big fan of True Crime but he is emotionally led, whereas Rich looks at the facts (typical lawyer!) - so ultimately, they disagree on the outcome and it causes a row. To save the relationship, they've turned it into a podcast. Together, they're looking back and retrying cases of the past looking at them from a legal standpoint (Rich) versus common sense (Stephen)