Gracie Piscopo’s Partner Charged With Murder, Bec Judd Subscription Fee, Mikaela Testa Keeps Track of Atis & Em Davis Hits Out At Valley Girl

Bec Judd has put herself forward as a guinea pig for Instagram’s latest feature. In a bid to compete with Only Fans and Sunroom, Instagram is rolling out a subscription based program for its top creators. The boyfriend and baby daddy of Perth influencer, Gracie Piscopo, has been charged over the alleged murder of his own mother. TikToker, Mikaela Testa has offered up a cash reward of $30,000 for her ex-boyfriend’s Atis Paul’s iPhone share location. The former crypto-currency king recently stopped sharing his location with the Only Fans star, once photos emerged of her with a new guy. AND Em Davies, has hit out at Valley Girl for allegedly stealing her clothing brand, Venem’s design.

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