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Why you are not losing weight

If you are not losing weight despite how little you're eating and how much you're exercising, you have to stop what you're doing and listen to this episode now.You're probably under-eating. I'm seeing so many women struggling to lose weight and actually gaining weight even when eating small portions and exercise regularly. Why is that?Our body is super smart. If you're not giving enough fuel to it, it won't work on full capacity to lose weight. Your body needs fuel to function. Food is the only fuel we have as humans. If you have been under-eating for a long period of time and not losing weight, you probably put your body in starvation mode, which means, your body is holding everything you eat in.This episode explains why you're not losing weight, how to identify if you're under-eating, what to do to change that.It's a must listen!Want to work with me? Here's howI run a 6-week group programme as a kick start to your journey in overcome emotional eating and losing weight for good. You'll learn all the tools and have the support from me and a group of amazing women that have the same goals as you do. This is the place for you that want to make a change, have results, and not do it alone... if this is you, our next group starts on June 28th. Check it out HERE also work with women on a 6-month 1:1 programme. This programme is for you if you're ready to take your work to the next level, go deeper and have full transformation from inside out. I have limited spots for my 1:1 roster. Book a free consult call to discuss further about work together, for either group or 1:1 support. join the FREE Secrets to Overcome Emotional Eating Masterclass that is happening on June 23rd at 6pm BST (UK time), click below: meInstagramFacebookWebsiteSupport the show (

Om Podcasten

This podcast is for you, woman, that are struggling with your weight because you can't seem to be able to stop emotional eating. Your emotions are leading you to uncontrollable eating.You probably have tried all diets out there and nothing seems to stick long enough for you to feel in control. You think your problem is that you love food too much and that’s why you can’t stop overeating. You feel hopeless, defeated and stuck in a vicious cycle making it impossible for you to take control over your eating habits.What I want to teach you on this podcast is how to overcome all of that, so you can feel empowered and in control of your eating habits, emotions, body and life WITHOUT using willpower.Image a life without mind drama around food, about your body... how freeing that would be for you? What would you do? Who would you be? We will tackle all of that and much more with a pinch of accent and a handful of fun. Stay tuned! I'm Pamella Arnold, weight loss coach and nutritional therapist. I will help you overcome emotional eating, lose weight, and feel in control over your body and life