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#108 Covid curves and closet cleaning

av OWN IT The Confidence Podcast | Publicerades 3/28/2021

Yup, I got myself some (very unwanted) covid curves. Chocolate, candy, good food, cookies, more chocolate, bah... all the things that make you curvy. I ate it. Today is the end of a sad era of very little self-respect, and the start of a powerful phase with self-love, commitment and focus on the things that matter to me. If you're feeling low, even overwhelmed, and out of control of an area in your life, or maybe even several, I hope this episode will give you some food for thought. What are the things you compromise about? What do you tell yourself every morning that you'll do (or not do), but end up betraying yourself every single day, because of different things that seem to make it impossible for you to stick to what it is you say you will do? And how do you feel when you keep on giving up on your own promises, that actually matter a great deal? I know how I feel... and it's not nice. As a pretty blaha'ish side effect of not respecting my own promises, I've put on a whole pack of unflattering Covid-curves. But today is a new beginning. For real. Anyone who wants to join in committing to what matters to you, that will make you a happier and better version of yourself, please join. Every day, stick to the things you tell yourself you'll do, and focus on staying committed on a day-by-day basis. We can all stay committed for ONE DAY, right. And then we do ONE DAY again, and so on. Let's do this! 

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