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#96 How she built the largest FEMALE NETWORK in the world (WED2020)

av OWN IT The Confidence Podcast | Publicerades 11/25/2020

Meet Leona Burton, founder and CEO of Mums/Moms in Business International, THE largest female empowerment network in the world for moms and women in business with 66 THOUSAND members as I type this. Former actress, singer, mother of five, a citizen of the world who is homeschooling. When this podcast episode was recorded, Leona was in Florida with her family, exploring cultures, supporting communities, helping abused women, expanding her business, visiting friends and family, and enjoying the world. To contribute to the celebrations of the Women's Entrepreneurship Day virtual summit 2020, Leona took time from her crazy packed schedule, got up earlier than I could possibly do, only to add value to the international tribe of women entrepreneurs. That's just what she does. In this conversation, Leona shares why and how she built the largest female empowerment network in the world. She shares how she finds time to recharge batteries and be a mom in the middle of being a successful entrepreneur. She talks about how she has built her network by building a super-powerful team, outsourcing all the tasks she's not an expert at, and how she creates incredible connections within her community. This is a woman who delivers live business building trainings on a Facebook live, while simultaneously curling her hair; and yes, it was one of the most impactful trainings I have ever attended. Another thing I have to mention is when Leona shares how she deals with "haters" and jealousy. You do not want to miss this.  As a super awesome bonus, we get to meet Leona's 12-year old daughter Enna, already a shining star on the young female entrepreneur arena. Check out her inspiring page as a creative make-up artist on Instagram: Diary of a Little Fashionista or here: Enna.  Enna gave me one of the most important takeaways from this year's WED event: PLAN time with your child and create special quality moments (if you don't plan it, the moment will disappear cause "mom has to work"). Share this episode with your female entrepreneurial friends, the moms in business, and women who want or need a powerful role model. Thank you Leona and Enna!

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