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#98 The hidden power of REAL CONNECTIONS (WED2020)

av OWN IT The Confidence Podcast | Publicerades 11/30/2020

She's the kind of woman that everyone wants to be best friends with. She has thousands of fans, who all secretly wish they could be her friend. She's the "behind the scenes" power engine that makes everything work like a smooth selling machine working with her husband. She's a mother of four (one of which with disabilities). Imagine being told by the doctors when your child is born with "issues" that her condition "may not be compatible with life". This mother has soldiered on and been a great mother to all of her children. She's like a bonus kid to one of the world's most influential leadership profiles, Mr. John Maxwell. But still, she says "I don't feel inspiring at all". Oh, and she looks like Julia Roberts' sister.  This conversation with Susan Galbraith is the real deal, raw and honest, sincere and genuine. It's the truth. Life. We talk about the hidden power in connecting for real with other humans, we talk about finding ourselves, and that it's so important to prioritize ourselves to not disappear. But how do you then deal with the guilt of feeling selfish because you took care of yourself? Like I said, this is life as we know it. And why is it so hard to let go of the things that hurt us? Why do we hold on to them? For more inspiring thoughts from Susan, and some daily life entertainment, check out her blog: Soozeybee.com or follow her on Instagram @soozeybee. Thank you Susan for contributing with heart and soul to celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day 2020. #wedo2020 #womenempoweringwomen

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Hosted by Annica Torneryd, creator of the transformational coaching program You Own Your Life. Annica brings an intriguing package of the mindset of a former kickboxing champion, the experience of extreme burnout, having had three babies in one year, and then diving into single parenthood. She's an avid writer and has self-published several books, is an Amazon Bestseller who has invested the past six years into studying, coaching, and mentoring with some of the most respected profiles in the industry of personal development, and became an award-winning mentor herself. Annica shares lessons learned from starting and building a business in a foreign country, the brutal process of facing a pandemic as an independent, the ups and downs of life - all that and more, delivered in a real, honest, and entertaining way, straight into the Podcast-world to inspire, empower and encourage you to want to become your everything. When we learn how to master our mindset, to be in control of both thoughts and feelings, our actions take us to our dream life. Victimhood is no longer possible. You have just one life. Live it. Own it. This podcast is designed to be consumed in bite-sized messages that reach out and touch your heart and grab you by the hand, giving you the courage to believe you can do it! You will hear concrete examples and real-life stories of how each choice we make can lead us to - or away from - owning our own life. Annica's core values are: AUTHENTICITY INTEGRITY COURAGE HUMOUR FAMILY