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av OWN IT The Confidence Podcast | Publicerades 12/1/2020

Paying it forward! As a token of my appreciation to my phenomenal and generous mentors Chris Robinson and Tim Novak, who both took time for me today and helped me with something I needed excellent thinking partners on, I am gifting a free coaching session to someone. It can be you! Whether you're an "old" client of mine, a current client, if you've never worked with me or if you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you can join the draw! If you don't care much for coaching, but you know someone who would love this opportunity, you can nominate them. The only "rule" to follow is that the session has to be booked and take place before the end of the working day on Friday, December 11. How to win a free coaching session with me: just write me an email on annica@act2exceed.com or reach out via social media saying you would love to join the draw. I am putting everyone's name in a jar and will draw the name of the winner on a podcast episode before the end of this week.I want to write a word about my two (not one, but TWO!!!) mentors who stepped up for me and really helped me today. So very generous. They took time to help me look at how to optimize a specific situation, they were my thinking partners and helped me see other perspectives, and yes, ultimately come up with powerful action steps to create the result I want.They are not only awesome mentors, but phenomenal humans and role models to me, and, I want to be like them.So here we go, paying it forward, I'm doing the same. One person will get a free 1:1 coaching session with me. If you want it to be you; join the draw!! Find my Facebook live and post in the comment "yes please".All my respect to Chris Robinson and Tim Novak of The John Maxwell Team. THANK YOU!!!

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Hosted by Annica Torneryd, creator of the transformational coaching program You Own Your Life. Annica brings an intriguing package of the mindset of a former kickboxing champion, the experience of extreme burnout, having had three babies in one year, and then diving into single parenthood. She's an avid writer and has self-published several books, is an Amazon Bestseller who has invested the past six years into studying, coaching, and mentoring with some of the most respected profiles in the industry of personal development, and became an award-winning mentor herself. Annica shares lessons learned from starting and building a business in a foreign country, the brutal process of facing a pandemic as an independent, the ups and downs of life - all that and more, delivered in a real, honest, and entertaining way, straight into the Podcast-world to inspire, empower and encourage you to want to become your everything. When we learn how to master our mindset, to be in control of both thoughts and feelings, our actions take us to our dream life. Victimhood is no longer possible. You have just one life. Live it. Own it. This podcast is designed to be consumed in bite-sized messages that reach out and touch your heart and grab you by the hand, giving you the courage to believe you can do it! You will hear concrete examples and real-life stories of how each choice we make can lead us to - or away from - owning our own life. Annica's core values are: AUTHENTICITY INTEGRITY COURAGE HUMOUR FAMILY