Owned and Operated

#06 - How To Hire And Train Operators

av Owned and Operated | Publicerades 4/14/2021

In this episode, we talk about the operators we have in place currently, how did we hire them, why did we hire them, and what does their future look like as we develop them for bigger and better things.We also talk about how to find and hire new operators, and where we have been good at finding talent, and where we can improve.Also check out...Microacquire.com to find internet businesses to buy.Captarget.com for the best off-market deal sourcing platform ever.Our TwitterOur Newsletter

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Owned and Operated is a weekly podcast segment that dives deeply into the operations of businesses that we own and businesses we are considering acquiring. We will be discussing real issues in our companies, the nuance that came with them and the decisions we made. We hope to give entrepreneurs, searchers and the public a window into a real business as we solve real problems, acquire companies and build in public.