Owned and Operated

#08 - Hiring/Firing - Worst Employee Blow Ups & New Training School

av Owned and Operated | Publicerades 4/26/2021

On this episode of Owned and Operated John and Brandon discuss some of their hiring practices, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have some nightmare stories including employees stealing from our customers, as well as threatening our co-host, Brandon.Our trauma is your entertainment. Enjoy!Also check out...Microacquire.com to find internet businesses to buy.Captarget.com for the best off-market deal sourcing platform ever.Our TwitterOur Newsletter

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Owned and Operated is a weekly podcast segment that dives deeply into the operations of businesses that we own and businesses we are considering acquiring. We will be discussing real issues in our companies, the nuance that came with them and the decisions we made. We hope to give entrepreneurs, searchers and the public a window into a real business as we solve real problems, acquire companies and build in public.