Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos

How to Design Packaging for DTC with Last Crumb Cookies | Ep 50

av Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos | Publicerades 6/28/2021

How do you design packaging for DTC brands? How do you know how many boxes to buy when you haven't sold anything? How do you time your packaging buys when you're working with projections?  The founders of Last Crumb get into these details and many more. We learn how they developed the packaging that is winning awards and most importantly selling out their weekly cookie drops. At nearly $10 each cookie these cookies are flying off the shelf and growing this 10 week old start-up. For online only brands packaging is critical, your packaging design has to sell the product after the purchase and validate the consumer's expectation by delivering a memorable unboxing. We dig into all of the details to bring you the lessons these founders have learned. While you're at it, pour yourself a tall glass of milk and order up some Last Crumb Cookes. Make sure you're ready with Apple Pay or you probably not get to buy one before it sells out. - pro tip. Sign up for Last Crumb Learn more about Raf's Design Agency Truffle Connect with Evelio Download the Sustainable Packaging Guide

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