Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos

Dissolving Zero Waste Packaging: PLUS Body Wash | Ep 52

av Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos | Publicerades 7/14/2021

Want to know how agencies are designing packaging for the future?  Where do packaging innovations breed? Where do you find packaging inspiration? If you’re interested in designing forward thinking packaging that goes beyond just making bags and boxes, you gotta listen to this episode. We talk with Daniel Lowe founder of Someone and Others, a design studio based in LA working on some of the countries most cutting edge brands.  Listen today and you’re going to walk away with some inspiration and learn a few things. 1) you’re going to get a history lesson on how packaging has evolved over the last ten years. 2) get a sense of how packaging will evolve into the next 20 years - I told you Daniel is focused on forward thinking packaging. 3) where to find inspiration to design packaging that doesn’t look like anyone else So you want to get in touch with Daniel and his team? Find Someone and Others here. Want to connect with Evelio? Hunt me down on LinkedIn *Get out of the house and go attend the largest West Coast packaging conference LIVE! In Anaheim! It's called WESTPACK! Click here to register and use promocode UNBOXD to get 50% OFF CannPack West Conference and more! Interested in sourcing packaging directly from the factory? Check out my friends at, they are the premier luxury packaging manufacturer where you buy your packaging direct from the factory - no middlemen, no distributors.  Learn more here

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