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22 - Stevie Coleman, Account Executive (SpotCo)

av Page To Stage | Publicerades 3/16/2020

Thank you for listening to this episode. We hope you enjoy it! A note about this week's episode: We sat down with Stevie before the CoronaVirus shut down Broadway and you'll notice that our conversation reflects that. We are sad to hear that Broadway has been shut down through April 12, 2020 but we know this decision has been made for the health and wellness of the entire Broadway community, as well as New York City; and for that we are grateful. That being said, we hope that when Broadway does reopen, you'll be able to support these New York shows, like Beetlejuice! Stevie Coleman is an Account Executive at SpotCo, a leading advertising and marketing agency that specializes in entertainment. In her role, she facilitates internal and external communications for Broadway shows like Beetlejuice, off-Broadway shows like Trevor, and institutions like Lincoln Center Theater and Audible. Favorite projects during her time at SpotCo include the 2019 Tony Campaign for the Ferryman and Beetlejuice’s 31 consecutive days of fan activations during the month of October 2019. Prior to joining the agency, she held positions at Carolina Performing Arts, Derris brand consultancy, and Bronze Magazine.  Outside of the office, Stevie takes in shows for both business and pleasure. In the future, she aspires to produce theater that tells meaningful, inclusive, and original stories that both illuminate and celebrate our differences. Learn more about Stevie and her projects! Instagram: @steviecoleman Get tickets to see Beetlejuice: Check out the Beetlejuice on social media too: @beetlejuicebway Want more of Page To Stage?! Follow us on Social! @PageToStage on Instagram and Facebook MARY DINA: Instagram or Twitter BRIAN SEDITA: Instagram or Website BROADWAY PODCAST NETWORK: Website or Instagram #PageToStagePodcast

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