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25 - Tommy Nolan, Technical Theatre Educator/Internet Personality

av Page To Stage | Publicerades 4/27/2020

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. We appreciate your support! Tommy is a high school theatre teacher by day and musical theatre YouTuber by night ( He’s been uncontrollably excited about musical theatre ever since his grandmother gifted him a VHS box set of MGM’s “That’s Entertainment” for his seventh birthday. A fervent musical theatre analyst, Tommy enjoys the entire spectrum of shows – from the golden oldie toe-tappers to newfangled pop-rock pseudo-operas. If he’s not in a theatre or enjoying the latest cast album, you can find him hiking the greater Rocky Mountain trails, playing board games with friends, or belting Merman at the local piano bar. Keep up with Tommy: @JimandTomic & @oncemorewithdragons1000 Want more of Page To Stage?! Follow us on Social! @PageToStage on Instagram and Facebook MARY DINA: Instagram or Twitter BRIAN SEDITA: Instagram or Website BROADWAY PODCAST NETWORK: Website or Instagram #PageToStagePodcast

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