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Co-Sleeping with your Baby or Child

Do you co-sleep with your baby or child? If so, are you confident or embarrassed about it? If you don't co-sleep, but you think you'd might like to, what's your concerns about it? Are you worried that your child needs to become an independent sleeper by a certain age, or when you go back to work, or they start day care? This episode is to let you know that co-sleeping is such a beneficial and enjoyable thing to do with your baby or child/ren. And it won't last forever! I cover basic do's & don't's, as well as offer guidance if your child still isn't sleeping well. Plus reassurance that your children WILL be able to sleep on their own as they get older. As I record this, my son is 6 and daughter is 12. Both sleep really well in their own rooms. If you do co-sleep and your baby or child STILL isn't sleeping well, then I'm here to help! CLICK HERE to find out how. If you want more support with your children: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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