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Picky Eating - how play can help

How are mealtimes in your family? Fun & easy? Or a battleground?! If you're struggling to help your child eat normal, healthy food and you're using TV to distract them, or offering the reward of pudding / dessert, or any forms of coercion, then this episode will help. Find out how to use play to transform mealtimes and help your child eat well both now and in the future. To discover how play and connection can help your family with other parenting challenges, join Annoying to AMAZING! for information, inspiration & personalised support. Follow Helena Mooney here: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Om Podcasten

Transform your everyday parenting challenge with connection & fun. Join Helena Mooney and guests to find out how simple, fun & quick games can turn difficult situations around AND how to best help your child when they're angry, upset or anxious.