216: Disneylads Dispatch 02/04

The Park Rush crew go back to where it all began: Disneyland Paris. Over the course of their four-day trip, they recorded dispatches at the end of each day to give you a more intimate look into what went on. You can also keep up via the Twitter threads below, and look out for full trip report episodes in the weeks ahead. Day one - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1597458144195932160. Day two - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1597859203808628736. Day three - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1598229986460454912. Day four - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1598619756008906752. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message

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