Passing Out: The Podcast

Episode 1 - Robert Ely - Veteran

av Passing Out: The Podcast | Publicerades 1/12/2021

In this episode James sits down with 70-year-old Robert Ely who joined the British Army in 1967 as a musician with the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals. In 1979, he was appointed Bandmaster of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment and served with them until 1986 when he was discharged for his sexual orientation. Robert later founded ‘Rank Outsiders’ – a self-help group of ex-service personnel who had lost their careers through similar circumstances, and in 1991 he went on to give evidence in Parliament to the ‘Armed Forces Select Committee’ which eventually led to the complete lifting of the ban on LGBT serving personnel in the year 2000. Robert talks about growing up in a time when it was illegal to be gay in the UK, the way he felt when he was unceremoniously dismissed from his dream career, and how even though he came close to losing everything - he never stopped fighting for change.

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PASSING OUT: The Podcast is a series of conversations with currently serving and veteran soldiers from the LGBTQ+ community sharing their stories, experiences and life lessons from their time in the British Army. On the 21st anniversary of the lifting of the ban on LGBTQ+ soldiers serving in the British Military, host James Robert Moore discusses what it means to be out and queer in an environment that up until the year 2000 criminalised homosexuality. Passing Out the Podcast is not affiliated with the British Army or other Military organisation. Produced by Peter J Holland