Interview with Garrett DeRossett & Spencer from Alright Studio (Part 01)

In this two-part episode, we chat with Garrett & Spencer from the Brooklyn-based studio Alright Studio; they share their experiences & lessons from running a profitable and successful studio. They both talk about how they found their way into design & how the studio started. 

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Pathfinder exists to support Shillumni and other graphic design graduates across the world entering the creative industry. The podcast, hosted by Shillington New York Teacher Jimmy Muldoon, will offer relatable content that helps designers navigate the highs and lows of the journey from graduate to working designer.
 We’ll talk with leaders from across the industry about how to stand out in the crowd as an intern, what creative directors look for in junior designers, how designers got their first jobs to then running their studio, and how to keep creatively inspired in this industry.