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Leaky Secrets - PSW #639

av Paul's Security Weekly | Publicerades 2/17/2020

This week, we welcome Oshea Bowens, Founder & Chief Janitor at Null Hat Security, to talk about Living in Blue Team Land and Skicon, a conference Founded by Oshea himself! In our second segment, we welcome John Loucaides, VP of Research & Development at Eclypsium, to talk about Hacking Firmware: The Unprotected Attack Surface of the Enterprise! In the Security News, Misconfigured Docker Registries Expose Thousands of Repositories, a Forgotten motherboard driver turns out to be perfect for slipping Windows ransomware past antivirus checks, Jail Software Left Inmate Data Exposed Online, Adobe patches 42 vulnerabilities across 5 products, and how the CIA Secretly Owned Global Encryption Provider, Built Backdoors,& Spied On 100+ Foreign Governments!


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