Måndagar Perfecto Podcast: featuring Paul Oakenfold

Planet Perfecto Podcast 532 ft. Paul Oakenfold

av Perfecto Podcast: featuring Paul Oakenfold | Publicerades 1/11/2021

Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold Playlist: Episode 532 01 Johan Gielen & Marco V - Timeless [Perfecto] 02 Dirkie Coetzee - Ataraxia [Perfecto]  03 Alexander Popov vs Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun 2020 [Perfecto] 04 Jirah - Cosmic Loop [Perfecto Fluoro] Perfecto Classic:  PPK - ResuRection (Paul Oakenfold Full OnFluoro Mix) Perfectomundo Moment:  DJ Paul (AR) - Mahayana [Perfecto] 05 Oliver Harper, Andy Woldman, Eleonora - Silence [Perfecto Black] 06 Sandra Collins & Micke - Zero Logic Redux (MASiiVO Extended Remix) [Perfecto Black] 07 Donna-Marie (NZ) - Hypnotise [Perfecto Black] 08 Lipe Forbes - Star Link [Perfecto] 09 John Martin & Rikki Sawyer - Mission [Perfecto Black] 

Om Podcasten

The official podcast featuring legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold delivers a fresh mix in every weekly episode. The Grammy-nominated artist, DJ, producer, composer, and remixer tours the world constantly and acquires exclusive music from all corners of the globe – from trance, minimal, house to progressive. For news, tour schedule, and more info visit pauloakenfold.com.