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Ep. 328: Oh Dear! New Gear! - and more!

av PetaPixel Photography Podcast | Publicerades 10/6/2019

Featured: Editorial, fashion, lifestyle and glamour photographer, Nino Batista

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Show Opener:
Editorial, fashion, lifestyle and glamour photographer, Nino Batista. Thanks Nino!

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Fujifilm previews its upcoming X-Pro3 rangefinder. (#)

5DayDeal's Complete Photography Bundle 2019. (#)

Monogram's Creative Console is unveiled. (#)

Fujifilm nixes the 33 for an ultrafast 50. (#)

Lacie gets rugged...and rugged-ish. (#)

Nikon's Nikkor Z 24mm f/1.8 S. (#)

Sigma cuts loose Pentax K-mount. (#)

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