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#10 How to puppy-proof your garden

av Pets at Home Puppy Podcast | Publicerades 7/16/2020

With the summer months now in full swing, chances are we’ll be spending more time in the garden for BBQs, gardening, or just chilling in the sun – hopefully! However, while back gardens are a sanctuary for us, there may be hidden perils for your puppy. Don’t worry, because in this episode, editor of My VIP magazine, Kate Cornish, gets some wonderful, friendly advice from Pets at Home’s Head of Pets, Karlien Heyrman, on how to ensure your puppy stays happy and healthy while spending a bit more time outside.

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Getting a new puppy is a wonderfully exciting time - but it also throws up a number of questions. What are you supposed to do when you first bring your new addition home? What about the first trip to the vet? How about training and nutrition? Don't worry, because we've gathered together our top in-house experts to ensure the Pets at Home podcast will act as your very own, personal puppy checklist.