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#14 Staycationing with your pup - Part 1

av Pets at Home Puppy Podcast | Publicerades 10/23/2020

Proper preparation will make taking your puppy on holiday a doddle. After all, your puppy’s a part of your family, so it wouldn’t be a family holiday without them! This episode sees your host and editor of My VIP magazine – the customer magazine for Pets at Home – me, Kate Cornish, talk to Karlien Hyerman, Head of Pets, Pets at Home and Claire North, Director, North Canine Dog Training, about what to think about before you even head out of the front door, getting your puppy used to the car, plus everything that travelling long distances in a car with a puppy can entail. Yes, as ever, our favourite topics of sick and poo do crop up, but they are nicely counterbalanced with tons of ideas for useful products, along with brilliant advice on how to prepare your puppy for their holiday! Please do share and subscribe and send us any questions or topics you’d like us to cover at You can also follow Pets at Home on Twitter @petsathome and on Instagram @petsathomeUK. You can also find us on Facebook We’d love to hear your stories of travels with your pup! Bon Voyage!

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Getting a new puppy is a wonderfully exciting time - but it also throws up a number of questions. What are you supposed to do when you first bring your new addition home? What about the first trip to the vet? How about training and nutrition? Don't worry, because we've gathered together our top in-house experts to ensure the Pets at Home podcast will act as your very own, personal puppy checklist.