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Let's talk Photoshop with Linda Blacker

So excited that I got to talk to Linda Blacker. Linda does the most amazing composite style imagery so in my eyes she is Queen of Photoshop, so obviously we discuss Photoshop and how she learnt what she knows. We also talk set design as she creates her own sets and props sometimes, so not all is Photoshop within her images!We also lightly touch on imposter syndrome. We all get it. We all suffer. Nobody is spared from its clutches. And finally, her top tips are really great so make sure to listen to the whole episode.You can follow Linda here: website: Kaye's work here:'s instagram: Kaye any questions: and put PODCAST in the subject line.Sign up to the brand new Photography AF newsletter right here: the show (

Om Podcasten

Hello and welcome to Photography AF. A podcast for anyone into Photography and Content Creation. Join Photographer Kaye Ford every Monday where she discusses photography tricks and business tips to aid you in your photography and content creation journey. She also hand picks guests within different aspects of the industry to discuss their journeys and tips in order to reveal to you how to make photography your full time job, how to level up your hobby, or how to be a successful content creator online.