152. When should patients permanently stop running? Physio Edge Track record: Running repairs podcast with Tom Goom

After injury or surgery, a lot of runners are told to stop running for different reasons. How can you answer patients that ask if they need to give up running for good? When should patients consider permanently stopping running? Find out in this podcast with Tom Goom (Running Physio). Improve running injury assessment & treatment now with the Running Repairs Online course with Tom Goom at clinicaledge.co/runningrepairs Tricky tendons - Your free video guide to tendinopathy treatment with Tom Goom. Discover a new, effective approach to treatment of tricky tendinopathy presentations, and lesser known tendinopathies with this free video series presented by Tom Goom (Running Physio) and hosted by Clinical Edge. Tom will reveal the secrets to successfully treat tendon pain, and get your patients back to running and sport quickly and easily, without stirring up their pain. Get your free access to this video series now. CLICK HERE for your access to three free videos with Tom Goom Improve your running injury assessment & treatment now with the Running Repairs Online course with Tom Goom Links associated with this episode: Discover the simple secrets to successfully treat tendon pain in this free three part video series with Tom Goom Improve your confidence and clinical reasoning with a free trial Clinical Edge membership Join Tom live on Facebook & ask your shoulder related questions every Friday Download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Download the podcast now using the best podcast app currently in existence - Overcast Listen to the podcast on Spotify Tom Goom on Twitter Tom Goom’s website David Pope - Twitter David Pope & why I started Clinical Edge Review the podcast on iTunes Infographics by Clinical Edge   Chapters:  03:25 - Stop running permanently 8:15 - Safe to continue running? 10:05 - Post ACL surgery 11:22 - Knee OA 13:27 - Running rehab plan  16:44 - Key takeaways

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