Ep. 048 | Joint Efforts: Navigating Rheumatism | Jack March

In this episode we will talk about different rheumatological conditions that can mask as musculoskeletal pain and how to recognize them. Our guest is Jack March, a physiotherapist specialising in rheumatology who provides CPD courses on the recognition, investigation and management of rheumatological conditions. We will shine a light on imaging and medical tests for different conditions and cover differences between genders. At last, we will discuss how patients with rheumatism are best treated, talk about precautions during exercise and how to positively influence their prognosis. So make sure to listen to the whole episode! Enjoy!   Content 00:00 - 00:58 Introduction 00:58 - 02:18 What is Rheumatism? 02:18 - 03:47 Rheumatological diseases to know 03:47 - 05:28 When to think it's Rheumatic 05:28 - 08:16 Screening for Rheumatoid Disorders 08:16 - 11:46 How Rheumatoid Inflammation is different 11:46 - 15:32 What are the Signs & Symptoms 15:32 - 17:04 How helpful is Imaging? 17:04 - 18:55 Difference in males vs. females 18:55 - 22:10 Testing for Rheumatoid Disorders 22:10 - 27:11 Referral to Specialist Management 27:11 - 35:45 What Physios can do in RD 35:45 - 37:55 Jack's Closing Thoughts 37:55 - 38:54 Outro   Bonus Material To view and download the bonus content such as transcripts of this episode become a Physiotutors Member. All episodes and bonus content can be found here   Follow our Podcast on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

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