Plan Your Best Life

Quitting your corporate job to pursue your true passion -with Sam Vay

av Plan Your Best Life | Publicerades 11/16/2020

Sam Vay was miserable at her corporate job. She spent her days staring at the clock and every minute felt like an eternity. It was then she realized she couldn’t do it anymore. Fast forward to just a couple of years later and Sam is a hairstylist, educator, and influencer. In today's episode, Sam shares how she found success in working part-time while earning a full-time income. Sam’s YouTube channel: Sam's courses: Sam’s IG @styledbysamvay

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Welcome to Plan Your Best Life, where we talk about personal finance, living with purpose, and creating the life we deserve. Every week a new guest shares how they’re navigating it all while choosing the life they want to live. Join YouTuber and personal finance educator, Camille Collazo, as she talks candidly with her guest about what it means to plan for your best life and how you can do it, too.