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Tomorrow will be a good day

av Planet Normal | Publicerades 2/4/2021

The country loses a beacon of hope in Captain Sir Tom Moore, and this week Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan pay tribute to the former officer. And in the spirit of Captain Tom, they look forward and predict a bright future for the UK's vaccine rollout - if the EU doesn't attempt to derail it... again. And joining the rocket is Rod Grant, Headteacher of Clifton Hall School and Planet Normal listener, who tells us why he felt obliged to write in after seeing the devastating effect the pandemic is having on children's mental health. He tells the podcast why he's more concerned now than he's ever been over his three decades in the classroom, and proposes an alternative solution to full lockdown. Allison and Liam will be replying to comments beneath this article on Thursday 4th February from 11am-12pm:| Read more from Allison: | Read more from Liam: | Do you need help subscribing or reviewing? Read more about podcasts here: | Email: | Listen to Brian Moore's Full Contact: | Get 30 days’ free access to The Telegraph: | Clip of Sir Captain Tom Moore courtesy of ITV's Piers Morgan Life Stories

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