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However You Be & Music from The Wonderful Pump - PSP31

av Planet Storytime Podcast | Publicerades 9/9/2020

Welcome back to Planet Storytime!Today marks our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!   Hard to believe 12 months have passed since we released PSP1!  We weren't sure what to expect when we started the podcast,  but our goal was to create amazing content for kids of all ages and to help all our listeners make full use of their imaginations and the pictures in their head while listening to our stories. One year and 2 seasons in, it's clear that we have an amazing fanbase and friends from all over the world, and that our listeners continue to come back for more stories.  We've learned a great deal over the past year and look forward to continuing to produce amazing content as we move towards the end of Season 2 and 2020.   We say it all the time, but THANK YOU(!!!!!) to all of you for supporting our show and for telling your friends about us - we would not still be here if not for each and every one of you!  Please keep your emails coming to us with suggestions, ideas, things you like and even things you don't like!  In celebration of our first year together, we want to use this podcast to spotlight one of TM Ganim's most beloved poems from PSP16, However You Be.  Two dear friends to our show, Ellie and Stew, recently requested a copy of However You Be to help Ellie through some challenges she's going through (hope you're enjoying it, Ellie!), and we thought we'd feature it in our anniversary show today as a tribute to Ellie and Stew, as well as all of our fans.   TM's message in this poem is so important and a source of great clarity during the trying times we often find ourselves in this year.  We've also included Pax's soundtrack from our last episode, The Wonderful Pump.   We hope this podcast provides soothing and calming thoughts and sounds to each of you!   We have several new original stories in the works as well and will release another Stellar podcast this fall since those really seem to be a great format for our listener friends:)Please email us with any comments, questions, praise, criticism, or collaboration ideas at   We really do make the time to read each and every email we receive and appreciate the time needed to do so.    Thank you all for listening to the Planet Storytime Podcast during our first year of production!   We will continue to deliver new content for everyone as we dive headlong into year two, face to the wind!With greatest respect and appreciation, the PSP Team!Support the show (

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The Planet Storytime Podcast (PSP) is a wonderful story narration and music program for kids of all ages that provides listeners the invitation and opportunity to use their imaginations to see all the things they're hearing in each of our shows. We divide our time between providing fully original content and adaptations of timeless classics. Thomas Mitchell provides amazing narration while Paxton Stanley provides all the music and sound effects. Bringing these two talents together creates wonderful artistic synergy and great programs in the same spirit as Fred Rogers and Sesame Street. Great for bedtime, short/long road trips, or family sit-downs in the living room, PSP provides stories that appeal to all races, religions, and identities with a focus on building confidence, tolerance, and the belief that through hard work and self-awareness, anything is possible!