EP10: Planner Parley Season Recap

Welcome to Planner Parley, a show where we come together under a flag of truce to talk about small agency planning. Planner Parley is brought to you by the 4A's (The American Association of Advertising Agencies). Well, it’s been quite a season! From hacks to wallow pits to looking into the future, we've covered a lot of ground and uncovered loads of tips and tricks for agency planners and strategists. In this final episode of the season, join Truth Collective’s Director of Experience, Josh Coon, and, of course, CSO John Roberts, as they reflect on Season 1 of the Planner Parley Podcast and remind us all what strategic planning means for small agencies. Key Takeaways: - The Best of Season 1 - Looking Back and Ahead at the Same Time - Download All the Episodes Today!

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Planner Parley brings together marketing strategists under a flag of truce to talk about the challenges and triumphs they face every day. Listen along to learn strategies for strategy from some of the smartest marketers in the business. Planner Parley is a production of Truth Collective in partnership with the 4A’s.