S2 EP2: The New Strange

Welcome to Planner Parley, a show where we come together under a flag of truce to talk about small agency planning. Planner Parley is brought to you by the 4A's (The American Association of Advertising Agencies). We’re back and ready to tackle the world we live in today; it’s not the new normal, but the new strange. The last few months have been a learning experience, from transitioning to remote work to changing the way our industry is talking about, relating to, and being a part of society. In this week's episode, we’re mapping this new landscape with Rishad Tobaccowala, author and advertising futurist out of Chicago, Cathy Taylor, U.S. commissioning editor at WARC in New York City, and, of course, John Roberts, CSO of Truth Collective in Rochester, NY, as they provide insight into how planners can thrive under these new terms and what it means for small agencies. Key Takeaways: Moving brands from purpose to purposeful Don’t think about restarting your business; think about starting your business The future is here, but not evenly distributed Make your new habits the standard practice Finding optimism in our ability to adapt

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Planner Parley brings together marketing strategists under a flag of truce to talk about the challenges and triumphs they face every day. Listen along to learn strategies for strategy from some of the smartest marketers in the business. Planner Parley is a production of Truth Collective in partnership with the 4A’s.