S3 EP4: Proof that the client brief is broken, and what we can do about it.

The client brief is inarguably the most important document in marketing, as it begins our work and should measure our success. So why is it often so neglected? Today’s guests, Matt Davies and Pieter-Paul von Weiler, had that same nagging question. So they co-founded BetterBriefs and ran the first significant global study in over 10 years to understand exactly what is at play, where the problems lie, and how marketers and agencies can close the gap to make briefs the workhorses they are intended to be. Join them and John Roberts, chief strategy officer at Truth Collective, to reveal how we can help the client create better briefs, and what it means for small agencies. Key Takeaways: The lack of quality briefs is crippling our success and our industry Why marketers and agencies are on different planets At the heart of a good brief is an honest, supportive relationship between marketer and agency The Objectives section is the #1 thing to look at Broken briefs has a massive, and now measured, financial cost

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