Season 2 Recap-Being 20/20 on 2020

Welcome to Planner Parley, a show where we come together under a flag of truce to talk about small agency planning. Planner Parley is brought to you by the 4A's (The American Association of Advertising Agencies). Well, another season is in the books, and what a year it was! From StratFest 2020 to the view from the client’s side, from the relationship of tech and ideas to understanding Big-T strategists, from ingesting “Lemon. How the advertising brain turned sour” to unpacking content as strategy, and, of course, learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable when talking about agency diversity, all the while living The New Strange! Join Josh Coon, Truth Collective’s director of experience, and John Roberts, Truth Collective’s CSO, as they look back over a packed Season 2 and what strategy really means for small agencies. Key Takeaways: If you haven’t listened to Season 2 yet, you need to rethink your life choices! 2020 was a year we became forged in fire 2021 and the superpowers of the strategist Generosity is fuel for inspiration

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Planner Parley brings together marketing strategists under a flag of truce to talk about the challenges and triumphs they face every day. Listen along to learn strategies for strategy from some of the smartest marketers in the business. Planner Parley is a production of Truth Collective in partnership with the 4A’s.